Specialised in the formulation and the small packaging of products

Head of Industrial Operations
Denis Barlet

At SBM, each of our different production sites have their own roles but the same goal: guarantee quality and ensure the availability of the group’s solutions. Mastery of the manufacturing and conditioning of our products is at the heart of our business and of our concerns, which is why we pay very close attention to it.

In a market like ours, in constant evolution, flexibility is a mandatory element. It is what enables us to meet our customers’ needs as quickly as possible, bringing improvements to our products and services every day and to mitigate the unexpected linked to the industrial sector.

In a world where exchanges between countries occur daily, we are proud to work with companies from all around the whole world of various sizes. It is from this diversity that our demanding nature was born. Pushed by an increasing number of international customers and the group’s recent changes, we never miss an opportunity to grow and improve our services.

The experience and the implication of our 200 strong staff of Beziers, Pasadena and Salindres are the primary drivers of our search for excellence.

Even though we cannot predict the future, together we can try to make it possible.

François Mirabille

Iris Business Manager

Our IRIS site is specialized in the formulation and conditioning of small natural or synthetic products for the protection of plants and home.

With its 5000m², the site is dedicated to the production of biological fertilizers and a complete range of rat poisons.

With more than 300 product references in our catalogue, we are working daily to improve our performance and best satisfy our clients.

We are committed to maintaining the right balance between investing in our people and in industrial tools. This happens via continuous professional development of our staff and by the improvement and the renewal of our industrial tools.

Key figures

dedicated to the production of biological fertilizers
and a complete range of rat poisons
5 millions
sales units
produced on average each year
Biological products
for the treatment of plants and soils
and home treatment products
crop protection